Regatta Reports


Snipe fleet 77 at Winchester Boat Club - Mystic Lake, Massachusetts hosted its 50th Winchester Invitational July 22-23.  The fleet was the largest in recent memory with 26 boats.  Several new Snipe sailors joined others with nearly 5 decades in the class to make this a memorable regatta.  Experience ranged from teams finishing at the top of the previous week's Nationals in Erie, PA to others who took this opportunity to compete in their first ever regatta. Juniors, Familes, Masters and GrandMasters all had their moments at the front.
Saturday's initial outlook was not promising with moderate rain, no wind and the threat of thundershowers.  Although Tufts University was able to sail team races in their lighter Larks, Snipes enjoyed an early lunch ashore as a 2-5 knot SE breeze graced the lake by early afternoon.  Other than a very brief drizzle, the rains held off permitting 4 challenging races.  Although dinner was held indoors away from planned lawn games due to damp ground, nearly all savored the Blue Ribbon Barbeque now becoming a trademark of this event.
Sunday's improved weather brought 2-8 knot WSW breezes.  Berta Swanson's Race Committee ran 3 races that tested the sailors' mettle before the wind gods and our self imposed travel cut-off time sent the fleet in.  Jim Bowers and Myrna Chan MacRae won Jimmy's 12th Winchester Invite.  Lake mavens Art Rousmaniere with wife Jennifer Saturday replaced by daughter Kelly Sunday remained a strong second while Harry Levinson sailing with each daughter Sally and Katie won two races for a solid 3rd place. Racing was close throughout the fleet as 8 points separated 4th and 8th, 3 points were the difference from 19th to 22nd.
The combined Winchester Fleet 77 and Medford Fleet 777 hope this event bodes well for growth in the Northeast and will be representative of grass roots efforts throughout SCIRA.
John Tagliamonte
Snipe Winchester Invitational 2006
July 22-23
Race #
Place Skipper/Crew 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
1 Bowers/MacRae 0.75 0.75 0.75 3 0.75 3 [5] 9
2 Rousmaniere/Rousmaniere 3 3 2 2 [9] 7 0.75 17.75
3 H. Levinson/S.&K.Levinson [14] 4 10 0.75 2 0.75 7 24.5
4 Tagliamonte/Marsh 7 7 [13/RDG] 9 4 4 10 41
5 Reynolds/Core [23] 6 5 11 6 11 2 41
6 MacRae/Baldock 4 8 4 6 [11] 10 11 43
7 Lodico/Tabor 8 [22] 3 14 3 6 9 43
8 Hornos/Roberts 6 2 9 5 18 [21] 4 44
9 Davis/Matty 10 12 13/RDG [19] 7 9 6 57
10 Coyle/Coyle 9 [17] 6 10 8 15 12 60
11 Foot/Foot 11 5 7 13 [15] 14 13 63
12 Hagedorn/Libby 5 [25/DNF] 8 12 10 13 16 64
13 Wolcott/Wolcott 13 13 12 4 14 [16] 14 70
14 Kane/Preister 15 16 13/RDG 8 [22] 8 15 75
15 Lally/O'Brien 2 15 11 15 17 18 [22] 78
16 Kline/S. Levinson 12 18 13/RDG 16 12 [19] 8 79
17 Lazarus/Braverman [22] 9 13/RDG 7 20 12 20 81
18 Fraser/Fraser [26/DNC] 26/DNC 26/DNC 26/DNC 5 2 3 88
19 Sartori/Costa 19 [24] 21 21 16 5 24 106
20 Lees/Dinardo 20 21 [22] 17 13 17 19 107
21 J. Panza/Wolcott 16 11 18 20 [24] 20 23 108
22 Baldwin/Baldwin 21 10 [23] 18 21 22 17 109
23 B. Panza/J. Panza 17 20 19 [23] 19 23 18 116
24 Langlois/Langlois [24] 19 24 22 23 24 21 133
25 Schmit/Forte 18 14 25/DNF [26/DNC] 26/DNC 26/DNC 26/DNC 135
26 B. Swanton/T Swanton [25] 23 20 24 25 25 25 142

Surf City Serves up Too Much Wind, But Perfect Pork Loin

The 2006 Atlantic Coast Championships were held on June 10-11 at Surf City Yacht Club on Long Beach Island at the Jersey Shore. Those of you who come to this regatta know it is one of the most beautiful and entertaining venues on the District I circuit. There is always a non-sailing, shore party contingent hanging out on the white sand beach, climbing a lighthouse, tossing a Frisbee, or playing putt-putt as it is a popular beachfront resort area. This year it turned out that the entire regatta pursued the aforementioned activities for much of the weekend as the westerly winds nuked at an average 25-30 knots (and a few puffs into the upper 30’s!) all day Saturday with a clear blue sky with a few clouds.

After the Friday night welcoming barbecue and the traditional Jersey diner breakfast, everyone arrived at the "inside" yacht club and Pedro Lorson was heard commenting that "I don’t think any more white caps could fit out there" in Manahawkin Bay. The race committee put things on hold until the early afternoon for a final decision, but in the end it wasn’t even a tough call as it was just smoking and over the class limit. So the regatta convened to alternative competition on the putt-putt course and then the beach. The beach was very pleasant since the dunes protected the beach from the westerly winds making it a different universe on the ocean side. Since the beer keg was obtained earlier than usual and delivered to Griffith’s beach house (where everyone piles in and sleeps college dorm style, or "ski-chalet style" as Darryl Waskow called it), there was a unanimous vote to stay "ocean side" and cook the dinner there too. So we grabbed all the ingredients from the YC and grilled up 1.333 marinated pork loins per boat (20 loins, 15 boats) and tons of Jersey corn-on-the-cob and salad. Lorie Stout must have thought we didn’t have enough pork loin, so she took the initiative to bring a big batch of mashed potatoes and gravy, so we had a major Jersey shore feast as usual. The declared favorite this year was the Asian ginger and sesame marinate.

Sunday dawned with somewhat abated winds, but the anemometer quickly climbed into the 18-22 knot average with puffs up to 25 as the fleet was leaving the dock. It was also a bit chilly for June with temps in the low 60’s. Several boats decided that discretion was the better part of valor and, in fact, only six boats decided to leave the dock in the somewhat intimidating conditions. Once out on the water, it was mostly controllable, but there was the occasional mongo puff which defines the conditions called "survival". Survival it was as attrition began to work on the reduced fleet early. The Griffith team managed to capsize upwind on the first beat of the first race; not on a tack, just a major puff that just blew them over. Luckily, they got it righted before the mast got into the shallow bottom, but the rest of the fleet was gone. This was just a hint of more carnage to come though. On the second reach of the first triangle, another major puff hit and Eric Reinke had a shroud pin simply shear through and lost his mast. In the same monster gust, Stephan and Monica Irgens (who came all the way from St Louis, Missouri) dipped their pole in the water slightly and split a jib wide open. Augie Diaz and John Kehoe from Miami led the entire 2 1/3 triangle race for the bullet. Gavin O’Hare with Navy midshipperson, Andrea Bosch, crewing for the first time in a Snipe (what an introduction!) finished a solid second. Lee and Andrea Griffith finished a soaking wet third and Keith Donald with Bob Coyle crewing were a close fourth. Reinke and Irgens retired, so at this point the fleet was down to four, but since the wind seemed to settle down a little bit we kept going. Augie led the second race wire to wire again but by a little less margin, while Griffiths edged out Gavin and Andrea in a grind-fest on the last beat. Keith and Bob finished the race but busted their pole in the "lighter" winds so they retired.

And then there were three. Nobody wanted to quit yet (or admitted it) so we ran one more race. Finally someone gave Augie a run for his money as Griffiths passed on the reach and led around the jibe mark in one of the bigger puffs of the day. However, the reigning world champion managed to pass back right at the leeward mark and led to the finish for a third bullet.

Therefore, Augie Diaz and John Kehoe repeated as ACC champions with three bullets. The ACC Champion has the right to select the next year’s venue and, at trophies, Augie asked to bring it back to Surf City again next year. Lee and Andrea Griffith were second, Gavin O’Hare and Andrea were third, and Keith Donald and Bob fourth. We had embroidered blanket trophies through fifth place, but nobody could figure out how to break a tie with each boat DNF-DNS-DNS, so both boats got a blanket to share (bedding for the next Surf City regatta). We have some checking to do to confirm ACC’s back at Surf City next year, but we still have our Surf City Annual Call of the Fall regatta this September 9-10 so bring your sleeping bags, appetite and hiking boots this fall. We know exactly how much pork loin to buy as the regatta convened back to the house Sunday afternoon for the leftovers and almost finished it perfectly. However, as there was just a little left, I think I’ll go make the last sandwich right now!

Don’t miss the next Surf City Regatta!

Lee Griffith


Surf City Yacht Club Annual Regatta Sept. 9-10. 2006

The Surf City Annual Regatta was held September 9-10 on its traditional
weekend right after Labor Day and also kicking off the District I Call of
Fall Series.  Unlike Surf City's June regatta (Pork Loin Regatta and ACC's)
where there are only Snipes, the Annual has three different racing areas
with Mariners, 420's, Lasers, Sunfish, and Opti's everywhere.  In fact,
there were 25-30 Sunfish as it was their ACC's.  The Snipe turnout was off
the usual numbers, however Ernesto Rodriguez, repeat National Champion made
the trip up from Miami to keep us honest and get some practice for the
October Western Hemisphere & Orient.

Saturday conditions featured breeze from a southerly direction but it wasn't
the sea breeze yet, so it was quite shifty and streaky.  As the day
progressed, the sea breeze came in and joined the gradient more and more, so
the breeze strengthened and steadied.  With the multiple fleets, the Race
Committee set a fixed start/finish line combination and barely had to move
all day, which allowed for tactically challenging downwind finishes.

First race saw Ernesto/Andrea Nilsen jump out into the lead with Lisa
Pline/Nathaniel Stone chasing them.  Lee Griffith/Lorie Stout and Bob
Coyle/Adrienne Korskoz, and Bryan Stout/Aslan Ripley were snapping at their
heels.  Stalwarts Bob and Jane Panza were close behind and new/old comer Art
Margolis with his father crewing were relearning the Snipe after a lengthy
hiatus.  On the last downwind leg to the finish, Lisa/Nathanial (perhaps
lighter?) managed to sneak through Ernesto/Andrea's lee right at the finish
and snag the first bullet.  

The second race was literally a carbon copy of the first race in finishing
places, except this time Ernesto did not let Lisa get by on the downwind and
he got his first bullet of the regatta.  This race saw competitors finish in
the order they eventually placed in the regatta.  Little did we know there
was only one more race.  The trend was broken in the third race as
Griffith/Stout overcame being forced over the line early at the start by
Ernesto/Andrea, found a fortunate left shift near the weather mark, rounded
first and led wire to wire for their bullet.  Ernesto, Lisa, and Bob
followed in sequence, and Bob and Jane Panza snagged a very respectable
fifth as they continued to work to raise their game. 

At this point, the RC decided to go for a fourth race since the breeze was
now getting gorgeous, steady, and the sun was out; however a Mariner managed
to drape itself all over the bowsprit and bowline of the committee boat
while finishing.  Due to the resulting delay, the RC decided it was time to
head into the club for the evening's festivities.   

On shore, the Snipe fleet made a unanimous decision to bypass the Yacht
Club's heavy hor'deuvres in favor of a real meal on the grill at Griffith's
house.  Lisa Pline took matters into her hands and everyone ponied up for a
wonderful meal of filet mignon, Jersey corn, and various other gourmet

On Sunday, it turned out there was too much breeze to race although three
boats went out for some awesome screaming, reaching practice.  The final
results were as posted on Saturday and attached to this article.  Thanks to
Ernesto and Andrea for coming all the way to Surf City to sail and take away
the win.   

Everyone should mark on their calendars June 16-17, 2007 as that will be the
next Atlantic Coast Championships in Surf City.  Augie has confirmed he
wants to bring it back to Surf City as the Deed of Gift allows.  It should
be a great turnout from long distances (4 Miami boats already sound
committed) as the US Worlds Team will be in training for the Worlds in
Portugal later in the year.  If you need any more convincing, know that we
will have pork loin and NJ corn on the cob!

Lee Griffith


1  30364  Ernesto Rodriguez/Andrea Nilsen   MYC        2       1      2            5
2  30510  Lisa Pline/Nathaniel Stone              SSA        1       2      3            6
3  30404  Lee Griffith/Lorie Stout                   SCYC       3       3     1            7
4  28542  Bob Coyle/Adrienne Korkorz          CPYC       4       4      4           12
5  27734  Bryan Stout/Aslan Ripley                SSA         5       5     6            16
6  29964  Bob Panza/Jane Panza                  QSC         6      6     5            17
7  23917  Art Margolis/Art Margolis                QSC         7       7     7            21